This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine Fix (Updated)

This copy of windows is not genuine is a common problem that some of us face. Yes! This problem of this copy of windows is not genuine can be really frustrating especially when you are about to start some high profile project or logging on to the online social media sites. Here we have shared the fix to solve the problem of this copy of windows is not genuine. Before moving to this error, first learn how this error can be happened.

The most common used operating systems – Windows and Mac. These words have now become a part of our everyday living and survival. Neither can we live without our laptops and tablets, nor can our laptops and tablets live without these operating systems. You should also know this technique to create hidden administrator account in windows which can help you to be hidden your private data.

Now since they know, the producers of these systems, how addicted their customers have become to these virtual means of survival, they make the most of this business. Because well after all we are humans, and we are only prone to falling for new, for variety, for the need to have something new to take us to a magical mystery land in the world of virtual living.

So we go ahead and chart a new path, a new version of an already existing operation system. And with the multiple new versions of Windows available, we all want an upgrade! Alas, it is expensive and some retort to a pirated or not genuine version of windows. Sometimes for other reasons you might face an error saying this copy of windows is not genuine.

This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine FIX

this copy of windows is not genuine error

The one major reason for this error is not using the official version of windows as provided by Microsoft. Another reason is when one is using an outdated version of windows. If one keeps their windows updated regularly, with all the available updates then the chances of facing this error will reduce.

How the message “this copy of windows is not genuine” does pop up?

You are bound to get this message of this copy of windows is not genuine when the license period of your OS has expired or if you have installed a non-genuine version of OS. This is quite common with regard to Windows 7 and most of the users of this OS or even Windows OS would have come across this. Obviously, this message can really make your life miserable.

As soon as you install the Windows 7 or any of the Windows versions, it would run for a time period of two to three months. But after that, you would be getting frequent issues and problems like constant error message popping up and sometimes the screen becoming blank due to the error.

What problems do we face with the message windows not genuine?

The following are some of the common problems we may come across when this message pops on the screen:

– It would remove your favourite desktop wallpapers and make the desktop look similar to a blank screen

– This problem of this copy of windows is not genuine could drastically reduce the performance of your laptop or PC.

– The battery life of the laptop could be affected

– The message keeps coming up, most of the time after few minutes on the PC. So, it becomes quite irritating for you. Check out this link if you wants to run any windows program without installing them.

The Following OS Will Get The Error This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Build 7600
  • Windows Build 6002
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

How To Fix This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

Below you will get certain methods to remove this error permanently from your windows computer. Read all the method carefully and if you have any doubts then you can comment at the bottom.

#1 Method: Command Method To Fix Windows Not Genuine:

Step 1: Go to Start Menu and Find CMD. You would get CMD.exe in search result, right click on it and select Run as Administrator option.

run cmd as administrator privileges

Step 2: Then type the given command in the command prompt box: SLMGR_REARM


Step 3: Hit the Enter button

Step 4: Once that is done, then you will get a confirmation window which will have the details of the given command execution.

windows genuine solution fix

Step 5: Now you can restart the PC or laptop and you will not get any kind of error like “this copy of windows is not genuine“.

Video Tutorial

When you apply the above given method, you might be notified with the following errors.

ERROR 1: This maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded. Here is a way to fix this error:

  • Open Run from start menu/ press windows button + R
  • Enter regedit.exe
  • Follow the below path:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> Microsoft -> WindowsNT -> Current version -> SoftwareProtectionPlatform
  • Find SkipRearm and click modify
  • Change the data value from 0 to 1
  • Restart the computer

This should resolve the ‘this copy of windows is not genuine’ error.

ERROR 2: SLGMR is not recognised as an internal or external command. This error can occur due to multiple reasons.

Reason 1: if the SLMGR –REARM is not pasted correctly, precisely to note that there is space between dash and R.

Reason 2: It is imperative to open Command prompt in Administrator mode. If it is not, look for Command prompt from the start menu -> right click it -> run as administrator

Reason 3: Sometimes it is a problem with the slmgr.vbs file. In order to fix this error follow below steps-

Open my computer -> open C drive -> open windows folder -> fetch the system32 folder -> open this folder -> fetch slmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT or any other file with the slmgr.vbs -> Rename the file to slmgr.vbs

Follow method 1 again to fix this copy of windows is not genuine error. These are some steps to resolve this error with an easy fix. We hope this will help solve your issue on hand. Check this link to download windows 10 for free with activation keys.

#2 Method: RSOP Trick To Fix Windows Not Genuine Error

Here is the another method to rid of from windows not genuine error called RSOP method i.e. Resultant Set of Policy Window.

RSOP Trick Steps:

1. At the first, press Windows button + R to open RUN windows in your computer

2. Now type rsop.msc and then hit enter button

3. Follow this given path: Windows Settings > Security Settings > System Services

4. You will get the below given screen in your computer:

rsop trick

5. Look for Plug And Play option in System Services

6. Right click on it, then you will find Startup and Click on Automatic

7. Now again click on Windows + R button in your keyboard, open the Run windows and paste this command: gpupdate /force & then press enter button

Restart your computer. Congratulation, now your this copy of windows is not genuine error is fixed.

Steps To Never Get This Message:

If you do not have original windows installed in your computer then you are also not authorised to get updates of windows. If you do so, Microsoft will install the file via update and can detect that installed windows is genuine or not. So follow the given steps to switch off the automatic windows updates from your computer.

  1. First of all open the control panel from start menu
  2. Go to windows update option
  3. Now click on “Install updates automatically (Recommended)”
  4. Select the option of “Never Check For Updates (Not Recommended)”
  5. Click on Apply button to apply the settings

Follow This Steps If You Already Get Message “This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine”:

If you already get the error message of windows is not genuine that means your windows is already being updated the file which can detect your windows OS. Now you have to uninstall that update which is detecting your windows.

Follow below steps to uninstall windows updates:

  1. First open control panel from start menu
  2. Go to the windows update section
  3. Now click on view installed updates
  4. Find the update of “KB971033” and uninstall it
  5. Restart your pc

Final Words:

Of course, there are other methods where one could get rid of this error message of this copy of windows is not genuine, but the above given fix is quite easy to use. It is quite important that while purchasing or downloading the OS, one needs to have adequate information about the authenticity of the OS and its licensing. In case, if you cannot get rid of the message this copy of windows is not genuine by yourself, then you can consult a computer expert for this. If you like our post then you can share it with your friends via social media sharing options.


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