How To Fix iPhone Stuck On Apple Logo?

An easy solution to iphone stuck on apple logo. We have shared the best possible ways to solve iphone 6, 6s, 5, 5s stuck on apple logo 2016. This is a common problem that most iphone users face. Today we are going to intrude the solution for iphone stuck on apple logo.

There are various people who struggle to know on how to operate an iPhone. Whether it is making calls or messaging (check this ways to block spam messages in iphone), people are quite novice when it comes to working with the features of the iPhone. The same thing can be said about when the iPhone gets stuck on the apple logo.If you are looking for best iphone hd wallpapers then we have the best collections of it.

Being a precious and expensive device, people are quite careful in not losing their precious information, however, sometimes misfortunes do occur and people cannot change about it. Lot of people often go through the basic issue where they see that their iPhone 6 stuck on apple lock screen and they are quite perplexed on not knowing the reason for it. Chances are there that it may be due to certain applications or a basic problem that happens at the time of Jailbreak. We are here going to share the best iphone tricks to fix it.

This solution can work for following errors:

  • iphone 6 stuck on apple logo after jailbreak
  • iphone 5 stuck on apple logo after restore
  • iphone 5s stuck on apple logo after reset all settings
  • iphone 4 stuck on apple logo with loading bar
  • iphone 5c frozen on apple logo
  • iphone 6s plus stuck on apple logo

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?

iphone stuck on apple logo

There are various things one can do before he or she can come to the conclusion that their iPhone has simply died and has to be replaced. One thing that you need to realise is, if the iPhone stuck at apple logo, then it is not bricked. The following are some of the preventive steps that you can take to fix iPhone stuck on Apple Logo. Once your iPhone is fixed, you can check this best iPhone 6 Tricks.

Method 1: Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Without Restoring:

without restoring method

This particular problem is quite common with most of the Verizon iPhone 6. The major reason why this happens is because of the Jailbreak with JailbreakMe 3.0. Of course, this procedure of iphone stuck at apple logo takes considerable effort and time to Jaibreak the iPhone. After that you have to reset it thereby depriving you of enjoying the extensive features.

To get back from iPhone stuck on Apple Logo follow below simple steps:

1. First of all download RedSn0w 0.9.6rc19 from given link. You will need Jailbreak fix custom bundle that will be differ from each firmware versions of your Verizon iPhone. You can download your respected bundle from here: 4.2.6 / 4.2.7 / 4.2.8

2. After downloading RedSnow, install in in your system & launch it. After selecting your firmware version, you will require to check your custom bundle option. Select the custom bundle (i.e. Jailbreak Fix). This one is the important step for how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple Logo.

3. Now follow RedSnow instruction till your iPhone re-Jailbreaks. That’s it! There given steps should be able to get back your iPhone stuck at Apple logo bug.

Method 2: SSH Method:

SSH method is one of the best method to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Here the SSH means Secure Shell. This is a common term that is used in the Linux or Unix to execute and transfer commands from various machines which are separated by locations. Now since iPhone is a stripped version of the Mac OS X. So, the particular SSH method would be employed on the iPhone so that you can control the device through the remote Wi-Fi.

ssh method to fix iphone stuck


– Now you are cleared about SS you can SSH into your iPhone and get or download the given file: “com.apple.SpringBoard.plist” from:

– System>Library>LaunchDemons>com.apple.SpringBoard.plist

– The given file will be in binary form, you can convert it into text from here: Binary to Text

– After converting it to text, locate the key “DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES” in the file. Open the file in Notepad ++ (A good text editor)

– It contains the path of all dylib files which is being loaded in startup. Each file is separated by a”:”. Remove the full path of dylib file which you think is giving the problem, that will fix iPhone stuck on Apple Logo.

– Now save the file as com.apple.SpringBoard.plist and get it back to your iPhone (System>Library>LaunchDemons>….)

– Restart your iPhone and it will be successfully fix iPhone stuck at Apple logo.

Method 3: Home Button and Hold Standby Trick:

hold home button and lock - hard reboot iphone

In most of the cases with regard to how to fix iphone stuck on apple logo, this is a simple method and have saved a lot of cash and efforts of the individual used. Now to employ this functionality, you need to hold down the Home option. Once that is done, you need to hold the buttons for about 25-30 seconds.Now if the iPhone does not show any kind of results in first 15 seconds, then most of the time, the phone won’t do it again in an hour. This is the best & fastest method to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Check out this link to know facetime data usage.

Method 4: Restore Factory Settings:

This is the simplest method on how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo. This method will erases all your data from iPhone and reset all the setting. But it will be better that just seeing your iPhone dead. Normally, Restore factory settings can be done through iTunes by syncing your iPhone with it and clicking the restore button. But here your iPhone is stuck on Apple logo, so you will need the different method for resorting factory settings to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

– Connect your iPhone’s USB Cable to Dock Connector (Not Computer).

– Push the Home button and connect the other end of USB to your computer system. It will automatically launch iTunes.Restore Factory Settings

– Now you can easily put your iPhone into recovery mode and it will restore your iPhone within no time.


Method 5: TinyUmbrella Trick:

tinu umbrella

– First of all download the TinyUmbrella fix recovery from here: MAC | Windows

– Now connect your iphone with Mac or Windows PC

– MAC: Right click on the Fixrecovery tool and do open it via Terminal (For MAC)

– Windows: Simply open the file

– This will mostly help you to fix your iphone stuck on apple logo

Method 6: DFU Mode Method:

DFU stands for Default Firmware Update. It is also one of the way to fix iphone stuck on apple logo. First you need to install iTunes in your computer. Now connect your iPhone with iTunes installed PC or laptop. Now you are required to press the iPhone home button and the power on button together for 10 to 12 seconds. After that leave the pressed power button and do not leave the pressed home button. Wait for the few seconds then you will see iTunes pop up on your computer notifying iPhone in DFU mode. This will restore and reset your iPhone’s firmware completely.


Here is a chance of losing all the data of you iPhone in DFU mode. So if you have a backup of your iPhone then its fine otherwise your all data will be wiped. I have personally applied this method to fix my iphone stuck on apple screen. If you iphone screen is not tuning on then check this link for easy solutions.

Method 7: Switch On Method:

It is one of the simple and easiest method to bypass iphone stuck on apple logo error. You just need to follow below given steps:

– First switch of your iphone.

– Now turn it on by holding volume up buttona and power on button simultaneously.

– When you see iphone boot screen, leave the power button immediately. But make it sure volume up button is still pressed.

– It will take a little time but this will surely going to solve the issue.


Now besides the procedure involved on how to fix iphone stuck on apple logo, you have to keep in mind there are other means of solving this problem online. Somewhat it has become a highlighting means to remove this errorIf the above given solution for iphone stuck on apple logo works successfully for you, then you can share this with your all friends. You can use below given social media buttons to share this amazing solutions. Bookmark this page to get latest updates on it.


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  1. When your iPhone stuck on Apple Logo during jailbreak or update, you can try this solution below: Hold both the “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time. When the Apple boot logo appears, release the power button but continue holding the home button.

    • Good share. If this way don’t work for you, you can ask your question on apple discussion.

  2. Supperb!! Thank you so much for sharing this iphone 6 stuck on apple logo trick. Its worked for me!!!!

  3. Wonderful, I too relief the stuck from turning on with I phone 6 plus using method 3.
    . Thank you very much dear.

  4. hi, i would also like to say that i just forced restart my phone about 5 times and it restarted and that also works.

  5. heres how i fixed mine:

    plug in your iphone tp your omputer while itunes is running.

    hold the home button only until the iTunes logo shows on your iphone screen.

    you will then be asked to update and restore

    the most preferred method (updating) lead me to an error message, started to work then failed, 🙁 forcing me to select the restore option.

    after i restored my phone started like BRAND NEW!

    I am back on the road

  6. Great information- option 6 worked for me finally. after endless hours of scouring the web and as many attempts to remove apple logo boot issue, yours is the first website that actually said to have itunes open so that you would know you were in DFU… all the others i came across just tell you to hold release etc but I had no frigging way of knowing if or when i got into DFU mode, so Kudos to your site and for providing clear and concise information…no more jailbreaking for me…at least for the next week or so…thanks man

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