How To Use 2 Whatsapp In One Phone (Dual Whatsapp)

Run Dual WhatsApp Account In 1 Phone

Run dual whatsapp account in your phone with new ogwhatsapp apk 2016. Get ogwhatsapp apk and run whatsapp 2 or dual whatsapp account in one mobile phone. As we all know people are looking for to use multiple or dual whatsapp account in 2 sim mobile. So here on Qd Tricks we are introducing the gb whatsapp & ogwhatsapp download 2016 with whatsmapp solo apk latest version. These applications is used to have dual whatsapp account in one mobile. Multiple whatsapp can only be possible with our given application and methods. Here we have shared step by step explanation and procedure to install this application and run 2 whatsapp account in your single mobile.

WhatsApp is now a days a big source of sending and receiving messages. It becomes a trend to chat with the friends. 90% of younger generation is now using whatsapp application in their mobile and they use it on a regular basis. People are now a days became a whatsapp addicted. In 2016, WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 700 million active users, with India alone having a user base of more than 70 million.

dual whatsapp dual sim

Dual Whatsapp Account

People often search for to use dual whatsapp account in their mobile. So here we have shared the two best dual whatsapp application called gbwhatsapp, ogwhatsapp apk & whatsmapp solo apk. Checkout our recently shared article on best whatsapp status which includes all cool, best funny whatsapp status 2016 edition.

Multiple Whatsapp Account In Single Mobile

Here now the biggest question comes in everyone’s mind is that…

  • can we use multiple whatsapp in a mobile??
  • can we use whatsapp dual sim??
  • can we have dual whatsapp account??
  • can we use 2 whatsapp account in single phone??

The more and more questions arises. So here we are having a solution for your question. The solution is gbwhatsapp ogwhatsapp & whatsmapp solo, disa app.

What is Gbwhatsapp, Ogwhatsapp & Whatsmapp Solo, Disa App?

  • These are the modded version of whatsapp messenger for android devices
  • These both applications are used to have 2 whatsapp account in one single android mobile i.e. dual whatsapp account in one single mobile
  • Ogwhatsapp apk latest version, gbwhatsapp & whatsmapp solo apk does not require rooted android phone. Check this if you want to root without pc.

Feature of GB whatsapp, OG Whatsapp, Disa App & Whatsmapp Solo Apk 2016:

  • The most important feature of both the application is that it is used to have dual or 2 whatsapp account in one device
  • Whatsapp for dual sim
  • No root access required
  • Easy to install and use
  • Facility to backup and restore all your messages data
  • You can select app icon in Ogwhatsapp apk latest version
  • Whatsmapp solo apk is having inbuilt message backup restore facility from which you can direct restore all of you whatsapp messages

Tricks To Use Dual Whatsapp Account In One Mobile

Here we have shared several working tricks to get dual whatsapp account in your android mobile. List of working methods to run 2 whatsapp account in 1 phone:

Method: OGWhatsApp To Run Dual Whatsapp:

1. First take the full backup for your messages and data before going through ogwhatsapp download 2016 & whatsmapp solo apk:

ogwhatsapp for dual whatsapp account

2. Clear whatsApp data (Go to App Info and click on Clear Data button as shown in below snapshot):

ogwhatsapp apk latest version free download

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3. Go to /sdcard/WhatsApp folder and rename it to /sdcard/OGWhatsApp (You can use any file viewer or file explorer, below is ES File Explorer). Remember this step is only required to install ogwhatsapp apk latest version 2016, no need in whatsmapp solo apk.

ogwhatsapp download 2016

4. Now uninstall Official whatsapp application from your android device

5. Install ogwhatsapp apk latest version 2016 (Download links are given at bottom)

6. It will ask for your mobile number. Give the old number which you have installed in official Whatsapp earlier [IMPORTANT]

ogwhatsapp apk latest version 2016 free download

ogwhatsapp apk latest version 2016

7. Click OK

8. Now your Ogwhatsapp application is ready for old number

9. For second number to use, go to play store and download official WhatsApp application

10. It will ask for your number. Insert your new second number.

That’s it. Now your mobile having multiple 2 whatsapp account in single device.

ogwhatsapp download 2016


New Features Added To Ogwhatsapp:

  • Based on the latest WhatsApp version
  • Support ART run time system
  • Hide bars when clicking the preview picture
  • Option to hide the name & the date when copying more than one message
  • Add messages statistics for groups (See below snapshot)
ogwhatsapp apk latest version free download

ogwhatsapp apk latest version 2016

Download OGWhatsapp Apk Latest Version

ogwhatsapp download 2016

Ogwhatsapp Download 2016

ogwhatsapp download 2016

(Attachment include Ogwhatsapp apk latest version + Ogwhatsapp Alternative)

If OGWhatsApp does not work in your mobile, we have attached the alternative method to use dual whatsapp in your mobile.

Method: Whatsmapp Solo To Run 2 Whatsapp Account:

1. First take the full backup for your messages and data before going through whatsmapp solo:

whatsmapp to use dual whatsapp

dual whatsapp account

2. Clear whatsApp data (Go to App Info and click on Clear Data button as shown in below snapshot):

whatsmapp solo apk

3. Now install whatsmapp solo apk given below

4. After installing just put your new number or old number in the whatsmapp

5. Now you have 2 whatsapp account in your mobile, one is official and other is whatsmapp

whatsmapp solo apk 2016

Whatsamapp Solo

Download Whatsmapp Solo Apk 2016

download whatsmapp

(Attachment include Whatsmapp solo apk latest version + Alternatives)

If Whatsmapp solo does not work in your mobile, we have attached the alternative method to use dual whatsapp in your mobile.

Method: GBWhatsapp For Whatsapp 2:

1. Firs download the GBWhatsapp apk file from below given download links.

2. Here you don’t need to uninstall the official of previous version of whatsapp which is already installed in your mobile phone.

3. Simple install the gbwhatsapp apk in your mobile phone. It will ask you to accept their terms and conditions, simple click “Agree and Continue”.

gbwhatsapp terms and conditions


4. Once gb whatsapp installed in your device then you need to enter your mobile number which you want to use as a secondary whatsapp number.

5. Make sure the secondary is available as it will required to verify with the gbwhatsapp

gbwhatsapp verifications

6. Enter the verificaiton code and click continue. It will automatically verifies your number and then asks to give the profile information.

7. Now enter your name and profile picture for your new gbwhatsapp account. After entering the details just click on NEXT button.

8. Now second number will automatically configured and the you will have 2 whatsapp account in your smartphone.

Download GBWhatsapp Application 2016

download gbwhatsapp

(Attachment include GBWhatsapp latest version + Alternatives)

If GB whatsapp does not work in your mobile, we have attached the alternative method to use dual whatsapp in your mobile.

Method: Disa App To Run Dual Whatsapp:

Disa App is an android application to use two whatsapp in one phone. It is one of the best android application available to use 2 whatsapp in 1 phone. Here, we have explained the step by step procedure to how to use two whatsapp in one phone with Disa android app.

disa app for 2 whatsapp

Disa App is absolutely free to download and use in android phone. As we all know there are lots of mods available to run dual whatsapp which is totally banned by Whatsapp. So here this dia app is absolutely free and working to use two whatsapp in one phone.

Step By Step Procedure To Download & Use Disa App For Dual Whatsapp:

  • First of all download the disa application from below download section
  • After downloading the disa app, install it in your android mobile
  • Now you will see the “+” button in Disa App, click on it
  • Enter your new number for using dual whatsapp here
  • Verify your whatsapp number and enjoy the dual whatsapp in your mobile phone

Disadvantages Of Disa App:

  • You can not use free calling function of whatsapp in Disa App
  • It is having the basic look, not having new design and look

Download GBWhatsapp 2016

download disa app

Disa App is and android application. It is free to download and use in any android device.

We have also explained step by step procedure to download and use Disa App for how to use dual whatsapp. If you like then you can even share this Disa App with your friends on social media sites. Bookmark this page to get more updates on Disa App.

Gbwhatsapp, Ogwhatsapp & Whatsmapp Solo, Disa App For Dual Whatsapp

Gbwhatsapp, Ogwhatsapp apk & Whatsmapp solo, Disa App apk is the only available working application to use dual whatsapp account in a single mobile. We have explained the best way to install and use this application to have multiple whatsapp account in your mobile. If you still have any doubt or problem regarding this application, you can comment below, we will guide at our best.

If you like this dual whatsapp applications to have whatsapp 2 and if these applications works in your mobile phone, then you can share it with your friends. Use below given social media options to share this amazing post for dual whatsapp account with your favourite people. Bookmark this page to get more latest updates on dual whatsapp.


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  1. Hey its a first time i get to know about how i can really use 2 whatsapp account in my single mobile. Thanks Qd to share with us such a great article in beautiful way.
    Feeling glad to being here.

      • Hey, QD its me Jeetu. And i finally succeed ! The problem happened, bcoz i was trying to download that link with my 3G data plan service before, but with wi-fi connection i succeed in very first attempt. Now OGwhatsapp is running smoothly on my device ..Thanks QD its a awesome app.

        • Thats Great Jeetu.
          Enjoy dual whatsapp!! And keep visiting the site to get more updated on it.

      • I am already having this ogwhatsapp apk latest version. You have shared whatsmapp solo. I have tested both. From my point of view whatsmapp solo latest version apk is the best among others.

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  4. hi, with due respect to the developer and the blog to update us on this,

    can u pls confirm that this is equally safe and secure as the original watsapp and installing OGwhatsapp does not affect the phone by means of any malware or spam-ware

    • Yes. It is totally secure and safe to use this dual whatsapp.
      As OGWhatsapp is a different app, we are not cracking official app, so it is 100% safe to use any 3rd party app.
      And don’t worry about any malware acivity as this app is developed by an expert XDA developers and it is listed in their site also. So there is no chance of any malware or spam-ware activity.
      I am personally using this app since a long time. It’s work perfect!

  5. Thanks for sharing this valuable info.

    Is it possible to install OG whatsapp and whats app plus cracked version instead of official version for new no.?

    i wanna whats app plus for two numbers. Is it possible?

    • Yes you can use whatsapp plus instead of whatsapp official version. But you can not use two whatsapp plus in a single device, you have to install OGWhatsapp to run multiple whatsapp account.

    • Yes you can! First register your second number in official whatsapp version. Then go with above given process.

  6. It’s not working in my mobile always showing( “it look like your Clint has been mobifind. Please download the latest version from our website Whatsapp.com/android “)
    Please help me it’s very urgent…

    • Today we have updated the latest ogWhatsapp which will support the latest official whatsapp version.
      Download it from above and install.
      Keep visiting this site, when you get new updates on official whatsapp.

  7. Hi,
    Need to know the following details.
    1. What happens when a new updates of WhatsApp is available in the play store. I can have my WhatsApp updated but how about OGWhatsapp? Daily I get popup in OGWhatsApp that a new update is available but when I click on update it just install the same apk file from my downloads.
    2. I have OGWhatsApp with say num 1. And official WhatsApp with num2. Now can I install and configure WhatsApp with num 2 in another phone?

    • You are required to update the ogWhatsapp from our website. We update it on a regular basis.
      Check out above the new ogWhatsapp version which supports latest official Whatsapp version.
      Download it now, it will work for you. And keep visiting when you get new updates on Official whatsapp.

  8. its showin lyk: “it looks like your client has been modified.please download the latest version from our website: whatsapp.com/android”

    • We have updated the new version of ogWhatsapp which will support latest version of official whatsapp. Download it now.

  9. Your device does not support this. Getting the error after formatting the phone. Previously it was working fine. Help please.

    • 1st check, you have lateat official whatsapp version is installed in your device. And then try the above trick, will definitely work.

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  12. Hey! Just tried installing it (downloaded the latest version from the website), and while trying to register says “it looks like your client has been modified.please download the latest version from our website: whatsapp.com/android”. How should I proceed?

    • 1st check, you have latest official whatsapp version is installed in your device. And then try the above trick, will definitely work.

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  15. Can I have dual whatsapp account in a single sim android phone? (Fyi, my current whatsapp account is registered with phone number different from that of the sim in my phone. And I would now like to install another whatsapp account registered with the phone number of the sim in my phone too)

    • Yes. The given trick is just for that only. You can use two whatsapp in single sim mobile. Just follow the given steps carefully. And if you have any doubt, you can ask in comments.
      Thank you.

  16. “Backing up conversation” means all the old conversation will be restored after the installation of whatsapp, and I won’t lose them, right?

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    I can’t able to verify my account on ogwhatsapp. It always say as’it look like the modified your client’..help me what can i do??

  21. Does ogwhatsapp and the method described here work on rooted android phones too?

    • Yes it will work on rooted android phones too. No need to change any thing, just follow above given steps in your rooted device.

      • Whenever i clicked on download link its appear nothing, web page is completely blank

      • Thanks! for a single SIM phone, when we go through the second step

        9. For second number to use, go to play store and download official WhatsApp application

        10. It will ask for your number. Give the new second number.

        When we enter our second number (whose SIM card is not inserted into the phone since it is a single SIM phone holding only the SIM of the first number), will we still be able to get the second number verified?

        • Yes the tricks is for the same situations.
          You can use two nunber in single mobile phone. But you need to verify second number. Your second must be live in other mobile. It will receive verification code which you will have to insert in official whatsapp.
          Hope you got it!!

  22. Hi when I click the link for download , it cannot downloaded. Just showing that your downloading is restarting after while again clicking j am showing the again. Have you any idea? Thank you!

    • Hey Haron,
      I have checked the download links and its work fine here. Its a mediafire link, might be down when you were downloading. But now check it, it works fine.


    • No, It is not possible. But you have given me a good idea. I will check it, if it is possible i will sure going to write on it.
      Keep Visiting Us!!

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    • First you must verify the number on the official whatsapp, after that you clear the whatsapp cache. After you clear the cache from whatsapp you browse with file Explorer to your SD card and rename the folder ‘WhatsApp’ to ‘OGWhatsApp’. Then you can install OGWhatsApp and verify the number.
      Don’t rename the folder before you clear the cache from whatsapp.

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    • Download any file manager from the playstore. Or you can also use default file explorer which comes inbuilt in phone.

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    • Go to mobile setting – security and enable (mark) “unknown sources” option inside.

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